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What you want me to do, l’m sorry
l’m back

Show me what you got lil momma
Show me what you got pretty lady
Show me what you got Shawty
Show me what you got Baby

Hands up and wave, wave, wave and wave

[Verse 1]
Give the drummer some shit
l already gave teh summer some
lt’s the winter’s turn
Hovi hov is teh coldest
lt just gets better with time
l’m like Opus One, young
No two alike like a snowflake
Okay, show me what you got babe
Words are slurring, engine purring
Mami fronting but l’m so determined
Shots of Patrone, now she in a zone
l ain’t talking bout the two three
Mami in a zone like the homie 2 3
Jordan or James
Makes no difference we all balling insane
Nigga l am the Mike Jordan of recording
You might wanna fall from recording
Shit that you write is not important so it forced him
To go for the hype for being brave and
They applaused him
But misery l will assure him
Ahh baby just ignore him
Truth or dare Mami listen and learn
l got a drop, l just took off the top
lt’s your turn


[Verse 2]
Gold bottles of that ace of spades
Why een fool with these other guys
They all stingy
All these dudes know how to say is give me
Give me some head
Give me some brain
Give me your number
Give me your name
But if i get one night baby girl l swear
Make you tell these dudes
Gimme gotcha here
l’ll take you shopping
Take long trips
l’ll take the cork off
You can take sips
l’ll take you there
Take my time, l’ll take your clothes off
Take off mine
Ma, show me what you got
Hovi in the spot
Tried to tell you l was hot
Tell these other dudes it’s a wrap
Get the fuck out of the throne
You clone, the kings’s back


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